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Top 7 Dog Mom Gifts For Mother’s Day

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For all of those that love dogs don’t consider them pets. I like to call them our four-legged children or fur babies as I like to say. And one thing we can agree on is that as an pawsome parent to them we deserve to treat ourselves with an gift from them to us. Below are a few of our top favorite ones.


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1. Coffee Mug 

We love the idea of an custom coffee mug for us to enjoy our early morning brew every morning before we leave for work,




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2.Dog Mom Hoodies 

This is an great way to show off how cute your fur baby looks in these cute hoodie while showing you some love as well.



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3. Wine Goblets

This is an great gift for all of the Dog Mom’s that like to indulge in an glass of whatever wine they choosing to unwind after an long day at the office.



4. Friendship Dog Collar with matching Friendship Bracelet

This is the perfect accessory for every dog mom that like to be fashionable! A collar for your dog, a bracelet for you….it cannot get any more pawsome?! We really love this denim style collar and bracelet than can go with anything in your wardrobe, Here the link to find on Amazon FriendshipCollar Dog Collar and Friendship Bracelet




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5. Custom iPhone/ Android Phone Case

This is the perfect dog mom gift for the fur baby parent who wants to get a new item to show off their cute fur baby, will turn your dog photo into pure art. Once you have uploaded your favorite photo of your fur baby it’s all done. From there, you can get her dog’s face printed on phone cases of your choice! You can find this product on


Showudesigns Fashion Animal Women Men Leather Wallet Clutch Bag Long Purse Organizer


6.Dog Mom Wallet

An Dog Mom Wallet will be sure to bring a smile to her face when she sees this gift and it’s made of faux leather. This organizer wallet comes in tons of cute dog and animal patterns you can choose from, this is one of our favorites.


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7.Dog Mom Hat

These are perfect for any occasion and can be worn with anything in your wardrobe. It’s also great for running any daily errands or just when you’re having an crappy hair day!



There’s scientific research that states, that dog love isn’t one-sided, and dogs are equally as eager to bond and connect with humans. Phil Tedeschi,  an professor, and researcher on the human-animal bond at the University of Denver has stated that our loyal canine companions are always working to understand their humans and fit into our lives where they feel wanted and needed.

Mr. Tedeschi speaks of how they watch and wait for moments to gaze and connect with humans. Thus making eye contact stimulates bonding and the “love” hormone, oxytocin, which has human health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and reducing stress, anxiety, and depression which is another plus of being an dog mom! We hope these unique and personalized Mother’s Day gifts bring a smile to her face and joy in her heart!